Here are a few simple steps to create your own kitchen altar:

  1. Identify where you want your altar to live.
  2. Find a spot you will see immediately upon entering your kitchen. Your sacred kitchen altar can be on a shelf, in a windowsill, or a table or counter space.
  3. Choose items to adorn your altar.
  4. Adorning your altar allows your creative juices to flow and connects your kitchen to your heart. It also gives you a place to see cherished mementos or meaningful photos.
  5. Choose carefully those items you wish to see every day, ones that fill your heart and bring you a sense of peace, comfort, and happiness. Ultimately it’s these feelings you wish to infuse into the food you prepare.
  6. Adorn your altar with photos of loved ones, a special rock or crystal, a candle, or objects that touch your soul.